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Performance appraisal is considered to be an important aspect of every organization and subordinates and supervisors both stresses a lot on evaluating the performance of each other. Performance appraisal can considered as the process of assessing and recording the staff performance for making important decisions about the staff. It is considered as a highly interactive process and it involves employees of all levels.

The core objective of this research project is to determine the effectiveness of performance appraisals and how these appraisals can affect the organization. The specific problem which is addressed in this project is that what is the impact of performance appraisals on employees? A generalized approach is maintained in the entire research and qualitative analysis is used in this project. Different social, legal and ethical issues are discussed in the paper and the paper focuses on the effectiveness of performance appraisals.  The benefits of this research to other researchers are wide and wide and different organizations can use this research to improve the performance of their employees. Similarly, the findings and discussions of results can help different researchers in developing a mindset that performance appraisals are beneficial for the employees and every organization must adopt a proactive approach in preparing their performance appraisals. Biasness and prejudicial approach must not be followed by organization in creating performance appraisals.

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