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During the evening, I shall visit the great animals’ park as we share with my mum about her stay in Kenya. The visit in the park will give a great opportunity to view many animals that I have never seen. These animals include the white rhino, which is only found in Kenya among many others. I shall also visit Mara River to view the crocodiles that feast on the wild beast as they migrate to Serengeti National park.

I also expect to enjoy several Kenyan delicacies that include the famous nyama choma among others. At night, we shall have a bonfire and be entertained by the Maasai dancers who are very popular in the global arena for their traditional dances. More so, the Maasai community is said to be following its traditional culture that has remained unchanged.

Despite that my stay in Kenya will only last three days, enjoying my birthday along my family members in unique and I expect to find it very fascinating. I will collect a few artifacts that will include the famous Kenya rugby sevens jerseys. I will also take a variety of photos that I will store I a safe place for future reference.  I am certain sure that Sunday will be a perfect day for me with many stories to tell my friends.

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