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The love of my mother has always been great, however though we communicate daily through the phone and internet, distance has always separated us now that she lives and works in Kenya for a non-governmental organization. Irrespective of the long distance relationship with my mum, Sunday 30th will be my greatest day I shall fly to Kenya to enjoy my birthday that my mum has already planned. My mother has already confirmed that the party will be enjoyed at the famous Maasai Mara National Park. My great love for Kenya, which has hosted my mother since 2008, is great and I anticipate having a great time in this great land said to be hosting the eighth wonder of the world “the migration of wild beasts”.

Mum, along with my small brother born last month has planned that is the morning, I shall go to watch the Safaricom Safari Sevens, a rugby competition being held at Nairobi featuring a number of global rugby heavy weights that includes Argentina among others. Though I will be in the company of a family friend, I shall support Kenyan team especially the captain, Kayange. The team has emerged to be among the leading rugby heavy weights in the world. Since I shall enjoy cheering only in the morning session, in the afternoon, I shall travel by plane to Eldoret. This is among the major towns where the 2007 Post Violence Election was most prevalent. During the Post Violence Election, more than 1000 Kenyans were slain and hundred thousand others displaced besides a lot of infrastructure vandalized. In Eldoret, shall visit an internally displaced person’s camp in Kiambaa and donate foodstuffs to them. Later I shall travel by air to Maasai Mara where I shall enjoy the evening Buffet along with my loved mother and my younger brothers.

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