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“The most powerful of the social influences are peer influences, particularly in terms of initial experimentation with substances and reinforcement of use by continued association with groups who use substances.” (Lowinson, 1997, p. 1027) Groups of association highly affect people’s actions. Adolescents are not the only ones who deal with peer pressure. Drinking alcohol amongst adults is a very normal thing. No one views drinking alcohol as bad as long as it does not lead to being drunk.

Drinking alcohol even as experimentation or a few sips is going towards a path of a slippery slope. A lot of times people who prefer not to drink because of religious or health reasons succumb to the pressure of their subordinates or peers when they are in social gatherings and drink alcohol. In this case, the peers don’t view alcohol has imposing something harmful on anyone because they don’t realize that alcohol is deadly for some people. Society today views drinking alcohol as a normal thing and people have to partake in this ritual if they are a part of this society. For example if a person is a recovering alcoholic and he is at a company dinner where his boss offers him champagne as a toast to his promotion the person being offered will have to take. In a situation like this it is very difficult to refuse a gesture like this. This is also very apparent in work places and the effects of smoking. Smoking is also like a drug because it is addictive in nature and creates the same symptoms when the body has not consumed for a certain time.

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