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Paranoia is a psychological concept that elaborates the thinking of an individual that is solely based upon the fact that there could be any element or species that would hurt the individual. Paranoia, in particular denotes delusions suffered through an individual. The most critical stage of paranoia is regarded as schizophrenia.

In terms of paranoia, the symbol associated with the murder’s profile in the short story is the blue-pale eye of the old man from which the killer is afraid and gets distracted. The pale-blue eyes of the old man tend to terrorize the killer (Fenigstein & Vanable, 1992).

The killer has been exposed as a scared person at two events in the short story. Firstly the killer had been shown scared of the pale, blue, vulture-like eyes of the old man and secondly the fear of murdering the old man. The state of being scared and then creating illusions within oneself as a result of danger and extreme case of fear is regarded as paranoia (Fenigstein & Vanable, 1992).

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