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Organizations throughout the world stress a lot on customers and it is the customers that ensure profitability to a certain organization. The retention and loyalty of customers give both short and the long term benefits to an organization and the entire strategy of an organization rests upon its customers. Therefore, it can also be said that effective relationship with the customers is an important strategy of nearly all the organizations. This paper analyzes IBM and their strategies that are used to manage the customers.

IBM’s customer management

IBM is an organization that stresses a lot on customer satisfaction and they usually acquire a customer centric approach to manage their customers. IBM in number of events has claimed that they are managing their customers in an effective and an efficient manner. They have outperformed their competitors in hardware quality and the reliability of different products (CRM Today, 2009). The studies of satisfaction actually depicts that the customers of IBM are more satisfied than their competitors. IBM in all the aspects put their customers first and this is considered as their winning strategy. They usually focus a lot on their customers in all the aspects and customers are the most favored stakeholders. The complaints handling procedure of this organization is quite proactive and it is considered as the competitive edge of the organization that the complaints are resolved within 24 hours. The organization believes that it is just because of proper leadership that is practiced in this organization (IBM, 2009). Besides that certain other strategies are used quite effective by this organization and whenever an order is placed it is traced properly in order to ensure the best possible results. This organization has identified the fact that it is the customers that are quite essential for an organization and that is the reason why this organization engages itself in different feedbacks and customer retention programs. The customer retention programs are beneficial in both the short and the long run.

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