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Organizational culture is related to the field of management and organizational studies and it is directly related to the attitudes, beliefs, norms and values which are related to an organization. The culture of the organization simply defines the fact that how employees coordinate with each other and how they treat other stakeholders that are attached with the organization. The culture of the organization is closely linked with the corporate culture and it also incorporates the vision and mission of the organization.  These cultural values are also related to the goals of an organization and they are broadly known as “beliefs and ideas”. These cultural values develop guidelines for the organization and certain norms are developed which would define how the employees of the organization should collaborate with other employees and what are the guidelines of collaborating with other stakeholders of the organization.

As far as an organizational culture is concerned there are two important aspects related to culture these two important aspects are strong and weak culture. The organization will experience a strong culture when the staff is coordinating with each other and they will respond with the values of the organization and their norms and beliefs are also aligned with the organizations values and principles (Schien, 2004). One of the most beneficial elements of strong cultures is that it helps the organization in both the short and the long run and the organization acts as a well-oiled machine with no interferences from the stakeholders. In the similar manner if the organizational values and control would not be exercised properly then it can be said that the organization possess a weak culture. In a strong culture people are usually empowered to take decisions and they also believe that what they do is right because usually employees believe in themselves and in their environment.

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