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In a broader context it can be said that change is basically an engine that drives different segments of a country. Different organizations and forces in a country use these change oriented factors to build new and modernized projects. However, it can also be said that organizations use the factor of change management to boost the general managerial approaches in their organization and that is the reason why it is considered as the lifeblood of many businesses. Strategist and analysts actually believe that the change directly affects the personal and professional attitude towards life and ultimately the businesses are also affected by this. If a change oriented decision fails to be recognized or implemented properly then it would lead towards a downward spiral and ultimately the profitability, personal efficiency and productivity is also affected by this (Adizes, 1988). Therefore, when an organization is implementing a change oriented process than all the stakeholders should try their level best to implement it properly as it is beneficial in both the short and the long run.

Organizational change is considered and regarded as an organizational policy that is widely used by different organizations to achieve both short term and long term success.  Organizational change is an essential element of management and successful and forward looking organizations stresses a lot on organizational change. A change in organization is said to occur when an organization changes its entire strategy and an organization wants to revive its entire operations or a part. The change in organizations initiates when organizations move through different life cycles and just like humans go through different stages. This change in strategies is quite necessary for them and for their development because an effective change can transform an entire organization. That is the reason why effective leaders and successful organizations stress a lot on organizational change and development (Burke, 2007). The responsible individual in an organization works for the betterment of an organization and they devise successful change management strategies. The basic concept of organizational change is related to organization-wide change and it is basically opposed to smaller changes like adding a new person or modifying a small program. Strategic change is also essential for different organizations and this change derives an entire theoretical approach which must be planned and executed by different organizations. However, Organizational change refers to the overall nature of activities – such as their extent and rate – that take place during a project that aims to improve the overall performance of the organization.

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