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Organizational behavior both internally and externally affects the success of a company. Starbucks has been one of the most successful businesses in the United States and now all over the world. Howard Schultz, the man who created Starbucks has “managed to transform a commodity into an upscale cultural phenomenon.” (Moon & Quelch, 2006, p. 2) The company started small and has been growing incessantly ever since the launch. Expanding and maintaining success hasn’t been an easy task. The Starbucks success process starts at the very core of the organization: its culture. The culture, the blood supply to all aspects of the business is the success factor. The culture establishes employee empowerment and motivation. The “partners” are valued and get the utmost attention from the company. Henceforth, the employees deliver the cultural experience of Starbucks to the final consumer.

“You can’t help but appreciate a company that routinely begins meetings with a coffee tasting. Or a corporate work setting where traditional conference rooms are replaced by parks resembling contemporary Euro-style cafes, where associates pour themselves a double tall latte, easy on the foam, and sit on a cozy couch alongside their “partners” and colleagues.” (Weiss, 1998) Starbucks has risen from number 47 (Moor & Quelch, 2006, p. 4) in the “100 best companies to work for in America” in 2006 to number 7 best company to work for in America in 2008 according to Fortune Magazines 2008 list. How Starbucks has achieved that status begins with the very core of the company’s philosophy, the mission statement: “Provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity.” (cited in Weiss, 1998)

Starbucks understands how organizational behavior affects an organization’s performance. The company has built and maintained good employee relationships, providing stock options and medical, dental, and vision coverage for all workers, including part-timers. Friendly and well-trained employees, in turn, treat their customers well.”(Robbins, 2001, p.10) Even the youngest group of workers that are usually teenagers or people in their early twenties receive benefits such as stock options and health insurance. (Moon & Quelch, 2006, p.4)  By offering a “special blend of employee benefits,” Starbucks hopes to achieve bottom-line results while being humanistic. (Weiss, 1998)

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