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The opportunity analysis are based on certain factors like saturated markets, benefits that are not articulated clearly, ignored customers and markets and etc. In the scenario of online grocery store it can be said quite easily those blue ribbon groceries have different opportunities because there are different markets which are untapped. Similarly, certain benefits are not articulated clearly like pure grocery stores which specialize in certain products. The specialization part is missing in online grocery stores therefore Blue ribbon grocery can offer specialized benefits to its target market.

The company will operate in the London and it can be said quite easily that the market of London is quite saturated that is the reason why Blue Ribbon grocery can opt for an expansionary policy and they can open their websites that are meant for certain Asian countries in this way they can tap the untapped market of Asia and a foreign brand can attract the customers and in this manner they can increase their sales. Ignored customers are the ones who are not aware internet buying and some of them believe that internet buying is unsafe. The perceptions of these customers can be changed through different marketing techniques and this set of customers can be converted into a viable chunk of customers.

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