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Two alternative means of net distribution include sites which allow distribution of online videos such as YouTube and Hulu and Online product distribution sites such as EBay and Steam. Hulu currently streams various movies and television programming on the internet completely free of charge but only for residents of the United States. YouTube is a website where the content is uploaded by its users online and is free to be viewed by anyone around the world.

When we consider the concept of Net Neutrality the debate over Hulu does not only come from the argument about the ownership of such programs which are shown online for free. It is also contested why such content is only available to viewers in the United States and restricted in every other country around the world. The second website YouTube also has a similar problem when compared to Hulu. Since YouTube does not take responsibility for the content which users publish on the website, many users can simply post movies and TV series online severely impacting the revenues of those companies whose future productions depends on such revenue. Additionally, the concept of censorship also comes into play. Not only does YouTube censor those videos which are identified as infringing copyright, it also removes those videos which it considers to be adult oriented in nature even though the website has a filter to restrict those videos from underage users.

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