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Products need better visibility for the purpose of better marketing and competition (Claxton & Woo 2008). Apple received a good amount of online visibility for their products.  May be online bloggers had no idea that almost 70% of the bloggers all around the world had posted Apple news on the same day of its promotion for iPhones.

It is even expected that the specifications and all the insight information on the blog spot would be helpful and in brief in comparison with the news about the product published in the official website of Apple. Bloggers are everywhere and so the Apple products are in reach of everyone. Online bloggers capture photos, record interviews and use laptop to publish their news feeds regarding their favorite topic (Rich 2009). Though most of the people would expect Gucci and Armani news and blog posts more than any other company but it seems Apple have overshadowed other most talked about topics and the credit goes to the news aggregators, the online bloggers.

The CEO of the company Steve Jobs is contended with what the bloggers have been writing. Steve appreciates about the blog feeds of Apple news as long as it is positive and does not contain any sort of rumor that is not first-rate for the company’s reputation (Schoble 2006).

It’s easy for the Apple to saturate the information regarding its product among the masses because bloggers all around the world make it easy by their blog feeds. The company would enjoy till the bloggers would enjoy their Apple products (Rettberg 2008).

  • Angle of the story:

The angle that has been selected for the story is to focus the readers who are most knowledgeable about the Apple Company. In the contemporary times, almost everyone is a blogger. There are zillions of newsfeed being published everyday regarding the Apple Company (McKane 2006). The news story can be proved as interesting for those who have been blogging. Bloggers will find this news story as a story about them. Moreover the story is quite informative for the Apple Company in terms of the statistics that has been given in the news feed. The story also subjugates the curiosity of the competitors (Ross 1911). The angle has been selected positive and as a slant for the news feed as this holds the profitable news for the Apple competitors. The story is not presenting any bias and is informative regarding the Apple Company’s products and fame.

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