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Project Summary: The entire project is based on online grocery selling and the organization wishes to target its attractive approach that all the items in is sold at competitive prices and whole sale rates are offered to the customers. The promotions on the website includes objectives of the company different propositions are written on how clients can benefit from this organization. One liner of blue ribbon groceries are placed on different website and different approaches like flash ads, pop-up ads and etc are used by blue ribbon groceries. The internet is used quite effectively in this approach and different social networking portals like face book, twitter and etc are used to carry out an extensive online advertising program.

Target Audience: The target audience for the company are those individuals who use internet. However, emphasis is laid on those segments that prefer online buying and selling and in order to save the time of these consumers blue ribbon groceries offer grocery items within their budgets.

Perception/Tone/Guidelines: The perception of advertising and the brand is created in such a way that it would depict dynamism, fun, interaction between the buyer and the seller. Similarly, the information possesses a fresh communication tone and simple words are used with animation to attract the customers.

Communication Strategy: The website will be highly interactive and customers can interact with other clients and share their views about the freshness of goods, prices and the services offered. Blue ribbon grocery would offer services from grocery advisors and they would recommend proper items in a limited budget. Customers can also launch complains and can give recommendations on the website.

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