Essay on Social Network

The strong relationships that friends have and the weak ties that serve as their acquaintances are referred to as weak ties. Social network analysis may be viewed as a method that connects sociological theory’s micro and macro levels. According to a common belief, the degree of overlap between two people’s social networks varies depending on how closely they are connected.

According to Mark Granovetter, weak relationships can act as a link between two friends and ultimately between two or more persons. However, weak relationships do not necessarily turn into bridges. Rather, it takes the mental capacity of the two friends to see the possibilities of sharing friends. It is vital to have weak relationships, as demonstrated by the example of the West End.

This idea aids in our comprehension of how information travels across a social network. If interpersonal relationships, for instance, are the links that transmit information between individuals, then the strength of the bond between them might either be strong, weak, or simply absent.

According to Granovetter (1973), the ties that bind various facets of society together are those that exist between diverse groups of individuals. Strong connections may make it easier for information to move between divisions of the company.

The dispersion throughout the network is one of an organization’s most useful weak ties. Weak relationships make people more inclined to change and grow throughout life.

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