Essay on Death Penalty

Essay on Death Penalty – The death penalty is a traditional sentence when a person is executed for a crime. Death sentence rules have been in place since the time of the ancient Babylonians, and several texts and inscriptions have documented this practice. In actuality, the US is the only sophisticated democracy that has not abolished the death penalty.

Simply because the law should be about protecting people rather than murdering them makes the death sentence a horrific act. This essay will begin with a brief history of the death sentence in the United States before explaining why it is barbarous.

At the federal level, there are no specific statutes that forbid the death sentence. The US Constitution’s Eighth Amendment, which prohibits the federal government from levying exorbitant fines or menacing punishment that would amount to unjustified torture, comes the closest.

The purpose of this amendment is to prevent the government from punishing any person excessively. The most frequent cause of this irrationality is a social response motivated by an emotional need to express grief at the loss of a loved one. When a blood relative is brutally murdered, the immediate family is incensed and seeks retribution at any cost.

However, after a few years, the desire for vengeance usually fades away, leaving just a melancholy sensation. In other words, folks simply go on and time is the best healer. This is not to imply that the criminal should get away with it. Instead, he or she ought to receive a sanction that is moral, reasonable, and equitable.

The common beliefs and increasing maturity of individuals should be reflected in both the US Supreme Court and society as a whole. Giving someone the death penalty is a severe punishment that violates their rights as protected by the US Constitution. In addition, death sentences are irrevocable and definitive, and for these reasons, judges need to choose life in prison.

In fact, because it is inhumane, the death sentence ought to be eliminated. For the benefit of society, offenders should be punished, but it does not always have to result in death.

The same level of vengeance and deterrent will also be provided by life in jail. The death sentence is, in essence, brutal from a moral, legal, and ethical perspective. As a result, it needs to be eliminated right away.

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