I have a dream. I have a dream to lead people out of everyday hurdles they cannot escape. Guide people to make better decisions. Aide people with the law and help them pave a life they are responsible for, not their surroundings, not their neighborhood, not their socioeconomic status. I have been immersed in a population that needs my help my entire life. My dream is to give back using the law and help people move beyond the transparent boundaries they have created for themselves. My passion and purpose for pursuing a degree in law is to help those less fortune obtain legal representation that understands their background and is an advocate for justice on their behalf. The law impacts every aspect of our lives and I want to continue the legacy of those in the African American community who understood we must make sure the law protects and works for the “little people” as well.

Realizing the depth of the disparity between lower class and higher economic classes occurred during my freshman year in high school. I grew up in a black lower-class neighborhood living with my mother, grandparents, two siblings, an aunt and her five children. A hundred square feet per person I spent my life sharing bathroom with 12 people. Sans the bathroom the square feet per person falls to about ninety-one. The first day I entered my public college preparatory high school, an 80 percent white population with the remaining 20% composed of African America, Asian, Hispanic, Indian and other minority ethnic groups I felt initial emotions of fear, anxiousness and curiosity, which throughout the day turned into feelings of inferiority and anger.

As the teachers discussed the year curriculum I could hear my peers in the background gossiped about their lavish summer vacations. The feeling of not being able to measure up socially or academically consumed me. My first day home, I directed my frustration toward my mother, who I thought made the wrong decision believing I was smart enough to challenge myself at this public college preparatory school. Ninety percent of the people came from middle schools with access to better books and advanced curriculums. I felt handicapped by my background and the fact that I came from a poor inner city black school. I excelled in my classes at my previous school but now I have barely able to keep up with my peers.

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