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This paper would seek to evaluate the Environmental policy of one of the most important figures in this regard; the President of the United States of America Barack Obama. The United States is currently facing criticism and is caught in a controversy as a result of the fact that it has not signed the Kyoto Protocol as yet. Since the USA is one of the largest producers of carbon emissions, that decision has made the other participants quite reluctant about signing the agreement beyond 2012 when the current agreement expires.

The Bush administration was heavily criticized for its decision to not sign the Protocol but the current administration has come up with its own environmental policy in order to deal more aptly with the issue of environment and specially the carbon emissions.

The environmental policy of the Obama administration is two pronged as it not only deals with the long term environmental solutions but also analyses the intermediate or short term solutions. The policy outlined by the current administration criticized its predecessors ‘“gimmicks” instead of actual solutions to an issue which is one of the biggest concerns in terms of its economic and environmental detrimental effects. The plan looks at some of the most pressing needs of the American nation such as the “dependence on foreign oil, addressing the moral, economic and environmental challenge of the global climate change, and building a clean, energy future that would benefit all Americans.

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