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According to the nuclear proliferation treaty, five super nuclear powers including United States, Britain, France, China and former Soviet Union are the major members of the treaty and all five countries agreed on dismantling their nuclear arsenals in exchange of agreement by other signatory member countries of NPT would not exercise or acquire nuclear power.  All the major Super nuclear powers are considered to be the permanent members of the treaty. The most eminent feature of the Non-proliferation treaty stressed on the disarmament of the nuclear weapons, making sure that proliferation of the weapons is under control of administration which is to some extent failed and last using the nuclear energy in terms of technology to produce resources such as electricity (Mozley).

  • Conclusion:

There could be a number of steps that could be taken as to initiate non-proliferation of weapons to maintain international security. To promote the proliferation of nuclear weapons is transgression to life itself. To promote an idea that the nation could sustain its peace-keeping efforts on the basis of such transgression is simply unethical and monstrous. In other words it could be stated that promoting peace among different parties so that negotiations could be made in  good faith to realize the ultimate cessation of the nuclear arms race and eventually to achieve nuclear disarmament. It is the responsibility of the government to make sure that the stock of uranium and nuclear weapons are secured so that non state actors do not step in to get access to nuclear weapons that could act as a threat to international peace and security.

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