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Nuclear proliferation is not an old phenomenon in the international politics because it is a phenomenon that had play a major role in the history of international relations between states. Nuclear proliferation is basically a phenomenon that denotes the spread of nuclear weapons and fissile information to the states which are not considered to be nuclear countries or countries which does not possess nuclear power of nuclear weapons. The proliferation of nuclear weapons presents a danger that remains incalculable, and the idea that nuclear weapons has made the world safer is plain monstrous and unethical – an idea which is transgression to life itself.

  • Introduction to Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Proliferation:

Man had advanced in almost every aspect of life from achieving targets of making life comfortable to the point where man had also contributed in a fearful life. Nuclear fission and fusion are two processes through which the idea of complexity of a life and relations between two different nations became adverse. It was the fission reaction that took place because of the fact that every state started on nuclear programs in order to gain a great deal of security and nuclear power over other states (Bernstein).

Nuclear fission reaction resulted in the production of nuclear weapons and bombs that almost shook nations for years after years. The production of nuclear bombs became the focus point of states after the first breakthrough of scientific tests in 1930s. Such a scientific breakthrough contributed as a threat to most of the nations (Bernstein).

The discovery of fission reaction was done in the phase of physical advancement.

The first account of discovery of iron ore was done when an ore of Uranium was found. Scientists discovered that the ore of uranium had a great amount of energy. In the following years, it was found out that different particles of an atom contained charged energy. Together with the information of atom and the charged particles, the process of chain reaction was discovered that led to the production of first ever bomb in the world by bombarding neutrons and uranium. In this way a number of discoveries led to addition in the discovery nuclear fission process. The information of fission reaction and scientific details were later on censored by different countries before World War II due to the fact of censorship (Siracusa).

Different kinds of nuclear weapons were produced by the end of 1940s including biological and chemical weapons. Biological weapons are those weapons which are used to contaminate human beings including air in which the victim breathes. Chemical weapons on the other hand are deadly weapons which were produced right after the discovery of emission of energy from barium.

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