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Non-associative learning or in other words procedural memory imply the same characteristics of non-declarative memory and solely free from the memory destabilization due to ageing as an individual keeps on learning and adapting changes from the environment as actions. Simple conditioning does not require essential systematic steps to learn or grasp understanding of processes, unlike declarative memory in which a person memorizes particular key terms and steps e.g. salsa dance genre (Bolle, Cermak, & Grafman, 2000).

The last type of non-declarative memory is procedural memory that tends to keep an individual functioning even in the older ages or conditions of Amnesia or loss of impaired memory. In above, we have studied that non-declarative memory is not vastly dependent upon the recollection of memory. Thus on the basis of the nature of both the phenomenon of aging and non-declarative memory, it could be said that ageing has minor implications on the non declarative memory of an individual. The sparing characteristics of non-declarative memory keep this major category of memory system to be available for the individuals in all the phases of life (Misra & Holcomb, 2005).

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