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No Country for Old Men, the movie is directed by Joel Coen and Ethan Coen. The movie is originated from the novel written by the American writer Cormac McCarthy (McCarthy). The movie is about the cruel and dark sights of Texas and drug dealing. There are number of changes that had been made in the original story written by McCarthy. The movie revolves around the three characters including Ed Tom Bell who is a small town sheriff who is trying to stop the demise whereas the characters on the opposite side of the justice is Llewelyn Moss who is a clever while Anthon Chigurh is Moss’s most trusted hit man (McCarthy).

However, of the many characters that the movie and the book constitute, perhaps the most fundamental is that of Sheriff Ed Tom Bell. After having read the book and watching the movie after wards, it is evident that there are a large number of differences in the depiction of the character. As a thesis for this paper, the character is taken to be one the movie that is in complete difference from the same character in the book. The character in the movie is one that is drenched away in his lamenting while the character in the book is one that chooses to actively attempts to redeem the decisions he made in his past. The Sheriff Ed Tom Bell in the book is one who is cautious and makes his judgments and decisions in an attempt to avoid the repetition of the mistakes that he has made while the character’s counterpart in the movie is one who lets events dictate his decisions and lets himself follow his first instinct without doing more than lamenting on the decisions of his past (McCarthy).

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