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However, before this discussion can continue, it is essential to state the justification because of which this paper has chosen the character of Sheriff Ed tom Bell as the epicenter of this paper. The movie, much like the book, is named No Country For Old Men. After having watched the movie and having read the book, it is evident that it is Sheriff Ed Tom Bell is the character that is referred to as the man who has aged and with his age, has amassed memories that make it highly uncomfortable and somewhat painful to remain in the same land to which he belongs.

The book continues to highlight the aspect of Sheriff Ed Tom Bell’s character that pertains to his presence as an honest and sincere man (Lee). In the book, the character is one that comes across as the only one who is perhaps the only in who has chosen to set his life straight by attempting to live an honest life. The Sheriff Ed Tom Bell in the book is one who we observe to be engaged and deeply caught in his quest to redeem himself; he is sick of death and destruction. On the other hand, the Sheriff Ed Tom Bell in the movie is one who is shown to be engaged more in his past and is one who comes across as a man who will take a life if he has to. For instance, in the part of the plot where Chirugh comes to the hotel to reacquire the money, the book does not depict Sheriff Ed Tom Bell in a manner such that he enters the room (Lee). Instead, the Sheriff Ed Tom Bell in the book chooses to circle around the hotel and makes a call to the police through a pay phone. On the other hand, the Coen brothers showed Sheriff Ed Tom Bell enter the room where Chirugh went before him in search of the money (McCarthy). This comes across as a stark difference in the character’s decision making across both forms of the plot. The Sheriff Ed Tom Bell in the movie chose to take the risk of giving or taking a life by stepping into the hotel room while the Sheriff Ed Tom Bell in the book chose to avoid confrontation by letting the few crucial minutes go by as he circled the hotel and made his way to the pay phone to call the police station (Lee).

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