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The company was performing quite well in a number of years that is the reason why the organization decided to open a branded chain of stores that would contribute in direct sales. The performance of the organization was aligned with the mission of the organization and that mission was to run the software of Microsoft in every workstation that is running at home. The organization’s performance can easily be depicted by that and to an extent they have achieved their mission (Lowe, 2001). The assets of Microsoft’s corporation are their software like MSNBC cable network, Windows, Xbox, home entertainment, and etc.

The stock prices of Microsoft are stable from number of years and despite of the economic crisis the organization’s stock prices remains stable. The financial statements depict that Net income of the organization in 2006 was $12, 599, 00, this figure was changed in the next year and the in the next year the organization experienced staggering growth and the figure reached $ 14, 065, 000. Finally the organization experienced enormous growth in 2008 and the figures were $ 17, 681, 000 (these figures are in thousands) (Yahoo Finance, 2009).

Therefore, it can be said quite clearly that Microsoft is the software giant and powerhouse in the information technology industry. The financial figures clearly depict that how well the organization has performed and they have beautifully carved out their way in different segments. They have focused on the mass market and that is the reason why the organization has experienced greater revenues.

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