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According to Borger (2008), one of the biggest impacts of land grabbing would be the worsening conditions of the population of the underdeveloped countries. The poor countries would produce food for rich countries in their own lands at the expense of the hungry people of those countries. Following are the comprehensive impacts of land grabbing.

Rights of Local Population

One of the biggest negative impacts of land grabbing is the undermining of the rights of the local people who live and work in the geographic locations that are bought by other countries and private investors. It is said by the people in favor of land grabbing that it is merely a Foreign Direct Investment and it would result in the accelerated economic activity in the underdeveloped countries and creation of new employment opportunities. However, in reality it has been observed that the contracts of buying or leasing of land in underdeveloped countries include provisions that show the opposite. Contracts suggest that a few jobs would be created as a result of such deals and a large number of people would be put off those lands. In this manner, a number of people would lose their homes and their sources of income. In underdeveloped countries, human rights are not given much importance therefore it can never be ensured that the people who are thrown off those lands would be given alternate living facilities or work.

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