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A preoperative screening is necessary for surgeons to assess whether the patient needs a Bariatric surgery, and is fit for one, taking into account gender, age, related health issues etc. In addition, a study called ‘Suggestions for the pre-surgical psychological Assessment of Bariatric Surgery Candidates’ (2004) highlights the fact that a behavioral specialist is also needed to identify the psychosocial risk factors and make recommendations to both the client and surgical group that are aimed at facilitating the best possible outcome for the patient. It points out:

Common categories of assessment include: behavioral, cognitive/emotional, developmental, current life situation, motivation, and expectations. When problematic pre-surgery psychosocial factors are identified, the clinician is able to alert the treatment team and the patient, and make appropriate recommendations (American Society for Bariatric Surgery, 2004). Recommendations may include pharmacological interventions, psycho-education, psychotherapy to address potential post surgery stumbling blocks, nutritional consultation, close aftercare monitoring, and/or bariatric surgery support group attendance. (p. 3)

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