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Emergence of different programming language produced the necessity to find some management tactic to save and organize memory.

Memory Issues

The factors which became the cause of designing strategies and techniques to save and manage memory have been discussed here. Along with the issues, some of the memory management techniques have been introduced here which are explained further later in this document.

Use of Allocators for Memory Management

Allocators allocate requested memory space in unit of byte and give back a pointer. In this slice of the paper allocator and its way of working is discussed.

Pros and Cons of Allocators

Merits and demerits of allocators along with their usage in different languages have been discussed here.

Use of Reference Counting for Memory Management

Semiautomatic memory management techniques include reference counting and pooling. It uses a simple technique where an object keeps and maintains a counter which turns zero when it is not using up any memory space. This slice of paper includes explanation of this technique in detail.

Pros and Cons of Reference Counting

Strengths and downsides of reference counting technique are discussed here.

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