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Nature determines things that are already predestined. Whatever nature bestows upon us cannot be changed. However, the way we deal with what comes our way depends on our behavioral patterns. This behavior is strongly influenced by the way we grow up, the education we receive and the kinds of parents we have.

Even in Disney movies like Tarzan and George of the Jungle we see two human characters brought up far away from human civilization. Although both of them look like humans, they act and behave according to their environments and the way they have been brought up by the jungle. It is also common for people who have been mistreated during their childhood, whether it is physical abuse or oral abuse affect their behavior in the future.

If nature was the only determinant of human development any form of nurture would be unnecessary. People would stop caring for their children and human experiences wouldn’t be as valuable. The only reason besides love that parents care so deeply about their actions around their children, or the school they go to, or the culture they are brought up in is because it strongly influences their development.

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