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It comes under the banner of the General Baptists, under the English realm. What makes the General Baptists so different from the other line of thought is their difference in the concept of the atonement. Simply put, the General Baptists believed that Christ had died for everyone and did not follow the extreme Calvinistic point of view that Christ’s death had reasons that were particular and only for a chosen few.[1] Therefore, during the end of the 1600’s, it was seen that the trend had shifted from the following of the Calvinistic point of view even in the Particular Baptist churches and towards a more General based point of view. There was thus cohesion of thought and ideas between the two lines of Baptist thought.

One of the great founders was Thomas Collier who believed that in order to truly understand the very nature of Christianity, it becomes essential to unite them in a way as well. Therefore, it was important to find a common ground between the two.  However, the London Particular churches were enraged at this development and did warn Collier of the mistake that he was making and a command to ensure that such future actions are curtailed.[2] This led to the creation of the Somerset Confession of 1691 which came as a response to the Assembly Confession that had taken place two years earlier, where Collier had ‘dissented at a number of points.

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