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Stylistic Differences:

Renaissance period of music is classified from 1400 to 1600 while the second baroque era starts from 1600 to 1450. The stylistic differences between the both periods of music are quite vast and could be easily understood. The renaissance period of music was polyphony while the baroque era of music was a mixture of polyphonic and homophonic. The second major difference between the two eras was the difference in texture. The texture of the renaissance period was thicker and baroque period was a mix of both thick and thin. The syncopation of in rhythm was less in the baroque era of music. On the other hand, renaissance music era had more syncopation in rhythm (Bukofzer).

Classical Period of Music:

The main characteristics of the music of classical period are that it was less complex and the texture is clearer than the other eras of music. A wide range of keys and melodies were the most prominent factors of the classical period. The classical period is considered to be the height of the western tonal system because previously the polyphonic structure was dominant in the renaissance and baroque era of music. Later on the classical period evolved that was mostly homophonic textured music. Classical period took the polyphony and other rhythmic structures from the past eras of music and made it a new evolved genre by homophonic music that is still being composed (Tyson and Brandenburg).

Sacred Music:

Sacred music is also known as religious music that is composed through the religious influences. There are as many purposes of scared music as there are typed of sacred music. Most of the cultures used the music for expressing the love for deity and religion such as Christians used the music for churches. Sacred music is a message to the followers of the respective religion and an expression of relief and belief. Sacred music celebrates the vision of liturgy. Sacred music enables the people to get along with the companions through the chorus and notes that are written on the basis of sacred writings (Blackwell).

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