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Multi user information systems are used for cost affectivity. For this, billing information systems were installed in 1981. Through this information system till 1987 the collections had grown up to twelve folds. The influx of patients was twice over and so is the case with insurance bills. Patient-tracking system benefitted in terms of other factors as well. Patient tracking system had an analysis module which analyses the efforts, serving out the number of patients and of diverse nature, diverse nature provides the system with revenues but sometime loss too in return of expenses that were caused in treating a patient. The events occur differently with different patients (New Jersey’s Science and Technology University, 1995).

Obviously there is a number of service providers for different scenarios, the service utilization reports are in the form of encounters or event submitted by the service providers. These encounters do not mention any individual so individuals can be pointed out in system by unique identifier. This information system contains a lot more for example they decide the cure outcomes on the basis of the data stored in the system previously. With the saved history of the patient these systems change the status of patient’s condition time to time and also evaluation of service utilization patterns is found out in terms of type, duration and intensity of treatment.  These patterns are evaluated on the basis of demographic categories or diagnostic categories (WinterGreen Research, 2007).

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