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When employees are motivated then it is quite easy for an organisation to implement these standards because the employees of an organisation are ready to accept the changes in an organisation. Since these standards would add value in every process and they are a process based standards that is the reason why employees can add value in their individual processes and ultimately the final product or service can be claimed as a quality oriented product or service.

Another important step that can be initiated by an organisation in order to motivate the employees is that after conveying the advantages of the standards the decision makers can stress on the points that those who are ready to implement these standards can expect pay raises and increments in the near future. Therefore, it can be said that motivation is quite important for an organisation and in order to implement these standards motivation can be considered is an essential constituent (Bowen 2000). The effects of motivation in implementing these standards are wide and varied and when employees are motivated then they are ready to add value in every step of the process; they are ready to implement the quality standards and it can be said that the CEO and the decisions makers can take beneficial decisions for the organisation (Thomas 2002).

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