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Abstract: since the attacks which occurred on America on the 11th of September, there have been moral questions raised due to the actions taken by Americans.

Ever since the attacks which took place on the 11th of September 2001 on the United States of America and the action which was taken by the United States Military in Afghanistan has led to a number of moral questions. This essay is going to consider the questions which came about due to these events.

Many leaders of the church have been defensive of the use of military action and force by the United States ever since the events of September 11th. People outside America however have been more concerned with the social and the economic inequalities which resulted due to these actions taken by America. These people have not been as concerned with the war as they have been with these inequalities resulting from it. One of the most important and major inequality which the people of America are having to deal with is that of the murderers and masterminds behind these murders who are responsible for taking the lives of so many innocent people. These murderers are very much alive and are not hesitant to kill again while victims keep losing their lives on a daily basis. Not only do the victims of these murders and killings suffer but so do their families and friends, their hopes and dreams being shattered along with the hope of having a future. In September, it was noted that in one single day, 5000 people lost their lives (CNN). Other people too are still dying due to what is known as bio-terrorism.

It is the American people who know how this sort of terror feels as they are going through it on a daily basis and are the targets of this violence. People outside of America may not be able to relate to this as…

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