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East et al. explain that the Cognitive Decision-Making model treats the consumer as a rational being who goes through a logical procedure when making a choice of which product to purchase (2008: 7). Also when the purchaser has gone through a lengthy process of weighing the alternatives, there is less chance of post-purchase dissonance.

The implication of such a model for marketers lies in providing a consumer with detailed specs about the product and explaining the benefits (rather than just the features) that the particular brand can confer to the customer. The iPhone3G advertisement by Apple is an excellent example of this; it points out several useful applications for a small business owner, explains how they can be used to organize, receive, send and compile data, and supports its claim by quoting sales figures for the applications available on the iStore. Such advertisements are necessary in a high involvement product which is also costly at the same time; hence Apple has done a good job in justifying the benefits of its product to the purchaser.

To illustrate the Emotional Model I have chosen an ad that evokes the feeling of anxiety within a cigarette smoker in order to cause him/her to refrain from smoking rather than indulge in the purchase of it. This effective image in a campaign by the California Department of Public Health (as part of their Tobacco Control Program) depicts the bodies of ‘victims’ of smoking trapped with a cigarette stick, which is burning through. It evokes the emotions of agony and spurs the viewer to call for help; the message is clear: smoking is an addiction, escape before it is too late.

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