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However there is the aspect of the hypodescent where they assign a person a monoracialism by assigning a mixed racial heritage to the least race. Here if the society meets a person who they cannot assign a race to them will assign them to the least racial group. For this reason that a person whose ethnicity cannot be defined are assigned to a race that is least. Therefore a person who is orientated to racial thinking will assign the counselor to a least race.

This will affects their perception of the counselor and consequently their counseling sessions and outcomes. However, the society has marginal syndromes, where the society refuses to view the race as equals. Since there is racial ambiguity, there is difficulty in identifying the race. Therefore a person will often experience prejudice and discrimination from the dominant groups and secondary ethnic groups. For this reason a person attending counseling will often expect discrimination and prejudice from the counselor or any one they are receiving help form (Frame and Williams, 2005).

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