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Another misuse of technology would be the rapid advancements in the fields of weapon. These are elements which are used to make the enemy suffer the most. Weapons of mass destruction such as the nuclear arsenals, is one of the inventions which has transmitted shockwaves among the humans. Within seconds a whole place full of people could be vanished, and the incident of Hiroshima is a living example. The city had been bombed, after which the whole place has been suffering the consequences till now (Nakayama, Gotō, & Yoshioka, 2005).

Proceeding to the conclusion, it can be analyzed that technology although has a number of benefits, but has various disadvantages as well. As previously discussed, by the case of David we can signify that it is important for the humans to interact with each other. And find a balance in our life between the use and reliance on technology and the importance of people. Secondly the technology should be used in a sense by which it could provide solutions for the humans, instead of putting their lives in jeopardy or create social problems. Technology should be directed towards the aim of improving the living standards and to promote the humanitarian activities. It is advised that everything could be acceptable and provide various advantages till it is kept in a moderate level. As soon as it becomes addictive it tends to spoil things, and in the case of humans it could lead to a social problem.

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