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Donna Gaines is well renowned as the sociologist and the lecturer of teenage issues especially adolescent’s violence. She is an educationist but was expelled from the college twice. In this paper, our focus is the literary analysis of Donna Gaines’s Misfit Manifesto.

This book deals with the astonishing life experiences of a sociologists who herself caught by the devils present in the same society. Donna a Jewish girl already moved forward from the pure childhood, stepping out of the boundaries and became the reckless driver of her life. She had been the victim of early adulthood and depression. Anger took her life to a level where she travels further. Misfit Manifesto illustrates the life of a girl already ruined. Her father died and here she started counting his fathers’ from 1 to 3, her mother became widower twice (Gaines).

The anger turned into passion of music i.e. rock genre (11). The author further allows reader to enter in a life and give them a chance to imagine how to be in the shoes of the person who has been left out and isolated and  She further tells the reader about the life she has gone through and how sever can it be for others (21). People know her as a lecturer but in the Misfit manifesto she mentions herself as the Misfit. Girl sniffing glue, drinking all night long and falls for Irish boys (Gaines).

The author in her book tries to influence the readers to save the lives of the young minds getting the early adulthood. The core of the life deeper, involves mixed stones of being a drunken woman, a party animal and gushing in the room for sex, later on the love for Pizza, listening acid rock, soon discovered herself transforming a new of her own into a form of a sociologists.

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