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Evolutionary theory is considered to be one of the famous theories of all times. The entire theory is based on Darwin’s theory of natural variation and Mendel’s model of genetic inheritance (Rice, 2004). It is considered to be the naturalistic theory of the history of life. This theory actually introduces a process that involves simple transformation of life from its simple form to more complex life forms (Denton, 1986). This theory actually revolves around three main processes variation, reproduction, and selection (Gould, 2002). Similarly, two major mechanisms are involved in driving evolution.

The first one is of natural selection; it’s basically a process that causes genetic traits that are essential for reproduction and to become popular in a population. The second major mechanism is considered to be the genetic drift. A genetic drift is actually a process that produces changes in the frequency of traits in a population and these frequencies are random in nature (Johnson, 1993). In this paper we would highlight the fact that evolutionary theory is usually misunderstood by many individuals and would highlight the misconceptions about the concept ‘survival of the fittest’.

As far as the theory of evolution is concerned there are a number of misconceptions regarding it. For e.g. the misconception of the complex organs, misconception of people coming from apes/monkeys etc, misconception of the fact that evolution violates the second law of thermodynamics, misconception of survival of the fittest.

The term ‘survival of the fittest’ is widely understood by many individuals and many people believe that the “fittest” can only be the most affectionate and the selfless. Aggression and violence are not associated with the fittest. Therefore, what actually happens in the nature doesn’t justify people’s attitude of behaving in the same way (Page, 2008). The term ‘survival of the fittest’ generally gives a connotation that the strongest individual will survive in the universe and it presents a picture that brutality prevails in the universe (Vanneli, 2001). The term has different meanings in the biological terms like the cleverest, camouflaged and even the nicest.

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