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Communication can create a lot of fuss and chaos if it’s not delivered properly or the sender sends a message and it’s wrongly interpreted by the receiver. While communicating through computer screens individuals can wrongly interpret the information and this might create complexities and problems in the long run (Caldwell, 2008). For example if the boss has requested the employee to market a book online and offer a 5% discount on the book. The employee misinterprets the information and considers that it’s a 9% discount. This miscommunication can cause problems for the company and can even cancel the sale.


A huge number of people are becoming the victim of internet fraud just because of the fact that they can’t physically see the company and all the transactions are online. This fraud can have bad affects on the individual and can dilute the integrity of the society (Middleton, 2002). There are number of cases in which a message appears on the screen that you can earn $1000 per day just by filling this form and clicking these websites. When an individual completes the work he/she might came to know that he/she has been cheated.

Time constraints

When people are working and communicating through computer screens most of them cannot manage the deadlines and that can be very harmful for the organization. An order can be cancelled just because of the fact that it’s completed late (Halvey & Melby, 2007). Thus, not meeting the deadlines can cause threats to the organizations and customer isn’t satisfied with this approach.

Privacy Issues

When organization give their information to employees that are contacted through the internet and communication takes place through the computer screens then issues of privacy arises. Employees can leak information and can give it to the competitors and this can be very dangerous as competitive advantage in this scenario is threatened (Eisenhauer, 2005). For example company A has been working very well for 6 years and Mr. X has been their employee for the last 4 years. Mr. X works from his and the company contact Mr. X through the internet. It is quite possible that Mr. X is sharing the valuable database of the company with its competitors and this would create a dreadful affect in the long run as the company secrets or valuable information is leaked out.

Competitive advantage

The main purpose of working online and communicating through the computer screens is to gain competitive advantage and to excel in the business. Similarly, working online becomes effective because it’s cheap but due to the above issues it’s quite difficult to maintain competitive advantage and companies can even lose their current market share because they can’t keep a check on individuals that are communicating through computer screens (Kang, Wu, & Hong, 2008).

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