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The islands were in honor of the minister of the French Marine, Jean Frederic Philippeaux and whose patron saint was Anne. Mean while the island Pontchartrain was named after the father of the minister, Jerome Philippeaux, a former minister himself.

On the other hand there is a strong likely hood that Ste. Anne could have been named after Louis charley Ange, who financed Ronde’s activities. Jacques was known for adding these two islands for the purposes of impressing his superiors. It was later established that the existence of the islands was promoted by the false beliefs of La Ronde. The trapper had misinterpreted the reports of the Indians. However, despite their non existence, the island of Philippeaux was used in the establishment of the boarder between the British and the U.S. it is for this reason that the cartographer Jacques is believed to have made the map with the interests of France and the French empire.

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