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The Annual Report also states about the Global Business and Financial Services that they finance small businesses. There is a global treasury services provision as well which provides treasury solutions, management of capital, foreign exchange etc. Middle Market Banking provides lending and investment services.

Business banking offers client managed small business members some value added services like wide range credit, treasury management, and other advisory services. Leasing services are especially for middle market, small business, and corporate firms in America. Business capital also provides lending services but asset-based. Dealer financial services provides many direct or indirect investing and lending activities that helps in financing for floor, vehicle, marine and auto-dealerships (Bank of America, 2006). Precisely these global activities are bringing great business to the firm, which is made possible only through internet. Otherwise these interactive and innovative services would not have been in common practice. E-commerce has proven to be highly profitable to businesses because it needs less man force and bigger operation get done on a small screen.

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