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Windows Vista was released in late 2006 by Microsoft after Windows XP. Windows Vista incorporated a large number of new features that were previously not available in older versions of Windows. Microsoft spent a large number of years working on Windows Vista and it was amidst heightened expectations that Windows vista released[1]. This version of Windows was meant for personal computer users and was aimed at providing users with increased security protocols as well as security infrastructure.

It was observed that while loyal users of Windows and early adopters of Windows Vista chose to channel their resources towards updating their computer system from preceding versions of Windows to Windows visa, Windows vista did little to offer them that were worth their loyalty. Also, upon the launch of Windows vista, the number of errors, prerequisites and shortfalls of the system were far too many for comfort and early adopters had to go through the hassle of uninstalling Windows vista and reinstalling older versions of their operating system[2]. For instance, while previous versions of Windows such as Windows XP allowed users the comfort to find preinstalled drivers for their hardware within Windows XP, Windows vista left users abandoned with the hassle of having to find new drivers for their hardware and peripherals.

The reason for this was that Windows vista did not come with preinstalled drivers and was designed in a manner such that it did not support plug-and-play compatibilities to an extent equivalent to that of previous Windows systems. Also, Windows vista required that early adopters of the operating system ensure the presence of a graphics card in order to make the operating system function to its fullest extent. This was yet another prerequisite that the operating system left its early adopters stranded with. While older versions of Windows greeted consumers by making optimal use of the computer’s currently present resources, Windows vista responded to insufficient resources by disabling certain options that made Windows vista unique from other operating systems[3].


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