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TP bowling possesses good information about the market and they know who their perspective customers are. This information can be extremely vital is depicting the fact that how the needs of the customers are targeted. The market trend suggests that large bowling chains like AMF bowling, Brunswick Bowling are buying various local bowling arenas. Similarly, certain other bowling arenas like Queanbeyan Bowling Club and etc are opening up in Australia.

However, the market is usually controlled by Brunswick and they have opted strategies like raising the prices, cutting the costs and adding diversification in their core business strategy. The customer’s needs of the Australian market are quite wide and varied and the per capita income of Australia is $38,100 in 2008 (CIA, 2009). People in Australia are usually associated with the recreational activity that is the reason why they can be easily influenced if a new bowling alley opens in their area. However, they are more concerned over quality and price has a minimal affect on their consumption patterns. The major players in the bowling arena are AMF Corporation, Brunswick, OZ bowl and etc. Brunswick and AMF both these organizations are the leading bowling organization of the world and they wipe out competition by engaging in mergers and acquisitions. However, OZ Bowl is a famous bowling organization in Australia that is operating in nearly all the major cities of Australia.

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