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Content analysis is beneficial in this proposed research study as it identifies the main characteristics and relevance of each of the gathered data from the study. The findings of the content analysis derived from the interview data will be subjected to simple statistical procedures such as descriptive statistics that will be generated through the aid of the statistical software SPSS version 16.

Moreover, the researcher will use the principles of content analysis as it consists mainly of categorizing, examining, tabulating and collating all evidences in order to validate or oppose the hypotheses presented in the study (Yin, 1994). The data that will be generated from this study will serve as a feedback that will be used as the main content of the proposed solution that the researcher will be devising. The researcher’s intention is to simply solicit feedback from the interviewees to be included in the proposed solution and is not intended for the actual implementation of the solution by the researcher (Argyris, C et al. 2000).

Furthermore, since the action research methodology will be utilized in the study, all collected data from the qualitative and case study research approach will serve as data component of the action research plan.

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