Sample Essay

Direct Contributing Factor Indirect Contributing Factor
Poorly prepared teachers Teachers are not provided guidance on teaching style
Unqualified teachers
Teachers take their work too lightly
Over crowded classes School cannot arrange for more teachers and classes
Teacher’s attention is divided by many
No provision of personal counseling for academics
Inappropriate curriculum The curriculum is outdated
The curriculum is uninterestingly presented for the students
No presence of support material
Insufficient activities School cannot budget for extra curricular activities
School is unaware that activities are required
As parents don’t complaint,  the school is not bothered
Limited access The access to materials for referencing is almost negligible
Technical and internet resources are not available
School does not have the funds to make resources available to everyone
Weak activity leadership Activity leaders are untrained
Substitute/ fill in teachers are responsible for conducting activities
School is not aware more responsible and efficient activity leaders are required

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