Sample Essay

Direct Contributing Factor Indirect Contributing Factor
Lack of good modeling Parents/ family members have mental health issues of their own
No one is available to guide the adolescents on dealing with their issues
Parents are missing from the picture
Stress and pressure Increased level of stress due to lack of guidance
Parents putting children in stress to attain high achievements at school
Social pressures on the adolescents
Lack of involvement/ time Parents are busy all the time
Both parents have jobs/ other activities
Family time is not considered important in the household
Autocratic parent Parents get to decide everything for children
Adolescents are not provided a chance to make their own choices
Threat of violence for rebellion
Choice vs. consequences Adolescents are afraid to choose for themselves
Adolescents fear of the consequences of their choices
Lack of self confidence
Soft lifestyle Adolescents lead a protected lifestyle
Parents always make sure their children are protected form the harsh realities of the real world
Parents make all decision for their children

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