Sample Essay

Direct Contributing Factor Indirect Contributing Factor
Community size The support services available are not sufficient for the large community
Increasing birth rate
High level of migration into the region
Inadequate funding Lack of funding for support services
No one is willing to volunteer or contribute funds for support services
Community thinks other things are more important that support services
No programming plan Programs to provide guidance are not available
No one is willing to initiate programs geared towards increasing and promoting mental health
Community is unaware that programs are requires
Outside influences TV Glamorized violence TV
Promotion of drug usage in TV
Promotion of Teen rebellion the media
Ethnic diversity Violence between ethnicities
Different ethnicities have different values and norms
No one is able to agree upon anything regarding norms
Lack of community focus Community is not strong enough to work on its own
Lack of knowledge in community
Lack of motivation community for taking initiatives

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