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Menopause is the time when the functions of the ovaries ceases in women. Every woman goes through this phase of life and develops changes within her. At this time of the life a woman needs to be social and a person who can think and understand exactly alike. Women going through menopause are the ones who sometimes forget the purpose of their life because when they look back at their past, they witness a great range of moment in which she has been successful and one who has created families, has been living life with compassion and passion to achieve her desire.

Writer Jeanie Linder did her best to rejuvenate the souls of these women and to inspire them with the musical theatrical show “Menopause, the Musical”. This is a show that is purely created from the scratch to curtain fall by the women. The director, producer, writer, chorographer, music supervisor, set designer, lighting designer, and technical designer are women.

The genre of the play is comedy which involves four women from different walks of life, together makes it beautiful and funny for the women in audience. Along with the comedy in the play, there are messages for the women that all these four stage actors deliver through their acting. These four middle-aged women include women who form an unlikely bond while wrestling over cut-price lingerie at Marks and Spark in Marble Arch. This is where the show starts (Beeson).

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