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Thus, nearly 75% of the Medicare beneficiaries will not pay increased premiums placing the financial burdens on the rest of the 25% of the population (American Academy of Actuaries, 2009). It is also expected that since the prescription drug plan is not subjected to any legislation, the prices for its premiums will dramatically increase over the next few years.

The current business model employed by Medicare quite frankly is a disaster of epic proportions. With the current recession of the economy in the United States and the ever increasing cost of health care, it is not conceivable for Medicare to maintain any form of profitability or stability long term in this market. Not only that but shareholder and consumer confidence along with an overwhelmingly negative perception of the general public will curtail any efforts  by Medicare to rectify its earning procedures for years to come. Thus eventually Medicare will not only become unsustainable for its beneficiaries but also for the federal government.

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