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Conflict theorists believe that many doctors today not only disregard many of the problems that are brought to them by patients but also believe that they get involved with problems of the patients that do not constitute a proper medical disease. Sociologists refer to this as medicalization (Budrys).

In the film this argument encompasses the entire organization of not only hospitals but insurance companies as well. Insurance companies as a rule work under the guidelines of their profit margin. Thus their operational etiquette is decided by this working model. They refuse treatment to anyone who they consider may cost them money. They shirk the responsibilities that have been assigned to them as the primary health givers of American society. Not only that they also create new ways to profit off individuals who simply do not have the funds to pay for their expenses. Examples are also given of hospitals which will only treat certain individuals based on insurance that comes from a legitimate source. Legitimate sources here being the company they have an arrangement with (Hurley, 2005).

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