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With the passage of time media has developed from newspapers, billboards to television, mobile phones and internet. It has become an effective weapon. From reporting newspapers to buying a product media influences decision making. Particularly in selling a product or introducing a new product there are intensive media campaigns, which are well planned to target the potential customer.

Selling backed up by media campaign is highly effective.However the bad thing is display of aggression and violence on whatever the source of media be it television, cinema, internet or radio violence is being portrayed everywhere. This has contributed tremendously to the aggressive behavior in youngsters. Display of violence has caused negative effects in society. It started because of demand and appreciation from the audience and rapidly started effecting teenagers. Because the matter is disregarded it has become unstoppable in the society.It is a wrong practice to accept everything that the media has to show, this will ultimately lead to significant changes in the society with individuals representing violence and unacceptable aggressive behavior…….

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